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Fundamentals of Termite Control


The trouble with termites is that they are often insidious and can cause a lot of damage in the time before you begin to notice the signs that they’re even there. There are some indicators that you should look out for as a warning and have them addressed by a professional:

  • Visible holes or damage to the exterior of the property
  • Mud trails on the exterior walls
  • Dried mud on in the seals of doors or windows
  • Blistering on skirting boards and door frames
  • Unexplained wall staining
  • Faint tapping or chewing sounds
  • Soft or unsturdy floorboards
  • Wings around doorways or gaps in skirting boards
  • Mud piles in the garden near the property
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Termite Protection

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Investing in Termite Protection is realistically the only way to ensure your property is safe from infestation. As termites are subterranean meaning they will come up through the ground rather than walk into your garden. This makes gaining access to your home easier for termites than other insects usually deterred by a regular treatment.

As most insurers don’t cover for termite damage there’s significant incentive to make sure you are taking every preventative measure to eliminate the risk of infestation. While there are DIY termite protection strategies, the most effective form of termite control is through a professional termite barrier installation.

What is a termite barrier?

A termite barrier is either a chemical or physical barrier that is installed around the perimeter of your property to deter subterranean termites. New homes often come with physical barriers made of treated plastic or metallic mesh installed after foundations are laid during construction. The chemical barrier however is most commonly used as it can be applied to the perimeter of any existing property. By treating an area underground, the chemical barrier blocks the natural pathways of the termites and over time is carried through the colony eventually eradicated.

The process involves digging a trench around the perimeter of a property in order to get to sufficient depths to reach the subterannean termites. From here either the physical barriers can be installed or termiticide is injected into the soil before filling in the trench. Both chemical and physical termite barriers can be expected to last up to and beyond 8 years, however it is strongly recommended that you check on your barrier every 12 months to ensure it is working effectively.


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When it comes to actually addressing an infestation, there are only few options that will yield successful treatments. The first stage is to assess the scale of damage to the property as this will indicate how long the infestation has been present and thus the scale of treatment necessary. Using a specific stick or “donger” inspectors will tap along the wall and hear the sound produced to determine if the wood is hollow – indicating the presence (and extent) of a termite infestation.

In most cases the physical indicators listed above are the result of months or even years of termite infestation. If caught early, pest control professionals can apply termicide chemicals around the home in a similar way to a general pest treatment and save homeowners from hundreds of thousands of dollar’s worth of damage in the process. Unlike general pesticides however, the termicide does not need to come into direct contact with each termite, as the chemical sticks to the body and is passed through the colony as the termites pass by one another.  


Termite control is an essential aspect of life in Australia with 1 in 3 homes being affected in some capacity. If an infestation is not addressed properties can become a jeopardy to your health and safety due to the severe structural damage that can occur. 

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