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Queensland Summer Pests

Summer in Queensland is often thought of as warm days at the beach or playing in the backyard under bright blue skies, so it can be easy to forget that these humid months can bring out all sorts of pests from insects to birds. Aside from the nuisance these pests cause on a daily basis; Summertime often increases their overall presence posing health risks and property damage. Here are some of the most common summer pests we see through Queensland and tips for keeping them at bay.


Mosquitos are one of the most common summer pests in Queensland, as the warm, humid climate, in combination with a wet storm season, is highly conducive to their breeding. Aside from their intolerable itch, mosquito bites risk acting as a transmitter for Ross River Virus, Barmah Forest Virus, Malaria and Japanese Encephalitis Virus, the latter being recently detected in South Queensland. 

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These mosquito borne-illnesses will likely not cause significant health problems, however, they have been known to cause fevers, vomiting and diarrhea. Repellent sprays and citronella products act as an adequate deterrent, as well as wearing loose clothing that covers arms and legs. To minimise their overall presence in your backyard, it’s essential to eliminate standing water, as several species can lay dozens of eggs in pools as little as 1cm in depth.


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Wasps can be a problem in Brisbane during the summer, as they have a strong sense of smell and become attracted to many sweet foods and drinks. These pests can be aggressive when protecting their nests and unlike the common bee, can sting multiple times as they do not lose their stinger upon contact. A wasp’s sting injects a unique venom that can be incredibly painful and cause severe anaphylaxis in those who are allergic. 

Preventing wasps can be difficult as they typically begin to appear more frequently once their nest is in place. At this point, it will be safer for a professional with the appropriate protective clothing to remove the nest than risking it yourself. In the meantime, however, glue traps and citronella act as a strong deterrent against any wasps looking to make their home in the outside corners and nooks of your home and garden.


Perhaps the most relentless of the summer pests in Queensland, ants can seemingly find their way into every picnic basket or kitchen benchtop. While their presence is often seen as a simple nuisance, some species will burrow through wooden and plasterboard walls to get to food sources inside your home. One solution to minimise the presence of ants is to keep food stored in airtight containers and to clean and sanitise surfaces regularly. Using liquid baits or natural repellents, such as lemon, vinegar or peppermint oil, you can also create traps and barriers around the house as a deterrent (focus on entry points such as window and door frames).

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Contrary to popular belief, however, ants are not drawn to a food source by a sharp sense of smell but by mass exploration. If a food source is discovered, ants will return to their colony, leaving a pheromone trail for a different set of workers to follow and retrieve. If ants continue to persist and are seen around the home despite preventative measures, it’s likely one or more colonies exist nearby, and you should contact local pest control for professional treatment.


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Unbeknownst to many, birds are responsible for a surprising amount of damage to households, causing various problems down the line. Several species of birds, predominantly pigeons, sparrows and starlings, have longer nesting seasons which can see them taking shelter on or inside roofs, eaves, gutters and even the TV antennae. Droppings, along with debris from nests and malting, can cause blockages restricting airflow and drainage and even attract other pests such as rodents or snakes. While bird spikes and netting are available for purchase, removing the nest and applying nets to prevent future nesting can be dangerous due to the need to climb on rooftops to gain access to any conclave or nesting point. Using a trusted pest management professional to prevent birds from nesting on your property is recommended to ensure safe and effective installation and humane removal of current nests.

What Can be Done?

If you are dealing with a pest problem in your home or business, addressing it immediately is imperative. Infestations continue to cause damage and require more time and financial investment to treat and repair. While various pest control products are available on the market, including traps, poison baits, and natural repellents, their success is relevant to the pest you are targeting.

Preventative measures are always the best approach; however, if you are unable to control the pest population on your own this summer, it may be necessary to hire a professional to provide safe and long-lasting pest control solutions.


Clubby’s is your licensed and local pest control company with the knowledge and experience to effectively eliminate these summer pests and provide ongoing treatment to prevent them in future.

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