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Do you need quick and effective pest control for your business?

Since 2014, Clubby’s Pest Control has been the reliable choice for commercial pest control solutions across Greater Brisbane. Depending on your industry and location, you may find your business more prone to pests than others, but the bottom line is that any pest problem in the workplace can affect your ability to operate. Regular pest control is essential for the hospitality industry, but it can be easily overlooked in office or retail environments. At Clubby’s, we are committed to helping our commercial pest control clients stay protected and understand how to keep up on top of their business’s pest control needs.

We provide all our clients with comprehensive breakdown reports so you are always informed on every aspect of our treatment service. These reports reflect the process and observations from our inspections and the methods we’ve used to target relevant pests. This allows our clients to have a detailed reference to their most recent pest control treatment and track the delivery and results of our services.


For some industries, in particular cafes and other food services, treatment is required on an ongoing basis to keep their businesses pest-free and in line with government health codes. We work with owners and managers to develop ongoing treatment strategies tailored to the size and necessities of your premises. Our integrated pest management plans include scheduled routine inspections and treatments using the latest tools and techniques in commercial pest control to keep pests at bay.

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While not all businesses will need frequent treatment, maintaining a clean and healthy working environment is a priority. Any identified commercial pest control issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible to ensure the well-being of all staff and customers. At Clubby’s Pest Control, we are available 7 days a week to assist business owners with emergency and urgent treatments to remove unwanted pests and prevent their return.

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