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Termites are a common and destructive pest all around the world, and in Queensland they are responsible for causing significant amounts of property damage on a regular basis. These tenacious creatures affect a third of Australian homes, costing homeowners thousands of dollars to expel and repair the damages, so leaving them unchecked is a disaster waiting to happen. All homeowners and property managers must be vigilant for any sign of their presence and invest in effective termite protection strategies.

The most important thing to understand about termite control is that prevention is crucial. Termites can be difficult to detect, which means that by the time you notice signs of activity, the damage may already be extensive. Termite protection starts with identifying all potential vulnerabilities in your property that could make it more susceptible to infestation.


At Clubby’s Pest Control we are trained to inspect and provide the necessary treatment and installation of termite protection products to keep your property safe. During an inspection, we’re looking for signs of termite activity, mud trails, visible holes or damage to the exterior of your property. We use special equipment to identify any hollow areas behind a wall, ceiling or skirting area, allowing us to determine the presence and scale of an infestation.


Termite control with Clubby’s Pest is more than eliminating a current termite problem but giving our clients the peace of mind that their homes are still protected in the future. Our termite barrier products are professional grade and come with a 12-month warranty. These barriers are an absolute must for all at-risk properties and continually prove to be a reliable asset for successful termite protection around Brisbane.


If you suspect your home may already have termites or it’s been more than one year since your last termite and pest inspection, get in touch as soon as possible. Clubby’s will provide pet and environmentally safe treatment options to eliminate the termites and prevent further damage.

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Termite Protection with Clubby’s Pest Control

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