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Pests cause major problems for homes and business properties alike, that’s why it is essential to maintain a regular pest control treatment schedule to keep your property pest-free. Whether or not you’re experiencing a noticeable pest infestation or not, a general pest treatment should be conducted on a property every 12 months.

Pests can invade homes and businesses of all sizes and types, from houses to apartments and warehouses to office blocks so it’s important to ensure you’re protected all year round.


At Clubby’s Pest Control, our general treatments are designed to not only secure the interior and exterior perimeter of your property but to rid you of any pests that may have already entered and inform you of the risks and maintenance that may be required to keep your place pest-free.

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It helps to identify what pests you may have experienced in the past so we can provide the most effective results, however as standard, our general treatments are designed to prevent the most common pests we experience here in Queensland. 


While pest control against termites requires a specific approach, general treatments typically involve spraying to protect your property from a variety of creepy crawlies such as cockroaches, bedbugs, ants and silverfish. If during our treatment we find evidence such as nests, markings or droppings that indicate the presence of rodents or another specific pest, we make sure the appropriate chemicals and baits are used to target the populations already inside your property.


The benefit of choosing Clubby’s Pest Control for your general treatment is that unlike some pest control companies, all of our products are pet and environmentally safe. Our chemicals are specially formulated and applied in doses relevant to the size of your property while ensuring the safety and well-being of all inhabitants from children, pets and even plants.


After a brief inspection to identify any specific considerations for the treatment, our process is to apply a perimeter spray around each room of your property, with special attention to entry points such as doorways and windows. For external areas such as gardens and patios, treatment is again applied to the perimeter as well as the external walls. As our chemicals are specially designed to not cause any damage to plant life, we also treat areas around trees and garden beds where many pests can reside out of sight.


Once completed we provide you with a comprehensive overview and report of our treatment, along with any observations we have made about your property such as cracks in exterior walls or moisture build-ups that may pose an ongoing pest risk. In some cases, we recommend a follow-up visit to ensure the treatment is working effectively and pests have been eliminated and removed. This also provides us with an opportunity to assess for any new pests and assist in the installation or maintenance of other pest protection products such as sealants, barriers or traps where necessary.

Pest control is often left until it’s too late rather than approached as a method of prevention. The damage caused by pests costs Australians thousands of dollars every year, and in most cases, they could have been avoided by involving professional pest control for general treatment on an annual basis.


If you can’t recall the last time you had your property inspected or treated, we offer complimentary assessments and treatment reminders to help manage services and stay informed. All treatments with Clubby’s Pest come with a 12-month warranty so that no matter what happens throughout the year, our clients are always receiving the best protection.

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